This is Mr. Christopherson's 2014-2015 assignment on regions of Alaska.

Links from Mr. Christopherson's assignment
Recommended Websites: (9/14)
For census areas in Alaska. You may have to combine several census areas to get the information you need.
Click on the January 2013 issue to learn about employment opportunities around the state
temperature ranges by cities. You may want to average together high and low temperatures for each region and for multiple places.
Use this link to see the Alaska Native Cultures Map. This will help you focus your search for the history of human habitation in your region.
Link to Alaska’s ecosystems guide from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game
AK Fish and Game descriptions of mammals, birds, fish and furbearers in the state.
Gives economic information by city and comparison to the state.
For each city, you can find an overview of information.
Map of Alaska
Census info by state, borough (where applicable) & town/city
Physical, cultural, historical info on boroughs & cities
Alaska Mountain Ranges