Alaska history can be broken-up into four distinct eras—the Russian Era (1741-1867), American Colonial Era (1867-1912), the Territorial Era (1912-1959), and the Statehood & Modern Era (1959-present).

Your goal is to research and peruse timelines to assist you in constructing your own timeline. Organize & divide your timeline to represent the four eras of Alaska history. Label each era and be creative; consider a useful way to organize the time blocks/eras. Color can be a useful way to organize information you add to the timeline. (Example: blue for the Russian Era, green for the American Colonial Era, etc… Regardless what you do, distinguish the eras. Be mindful to find dates for each era; don’t just find 25 dates for Russian Era, for example.

To begin, look at the timeline worksheet that you took notes on in class. Use the captions you wrote to search and discover more about the event and find pictures. Use website resources to find other dates to plot on your line.

Minimum Requirements:
25 dates/events must be plotted on your timeline and each date must be captioned. A caption is simply a phrase explaining the date. Captions must be typed. 15 of the 25 events must include drawings, pictures, or illustrations. Your timeline may be vertical (top to bottom) or horizontal (left to right). Your timeline must be constructed--not simply printed from a website or made from a word processing document. CREATIVITY & NEATNESS COUNT! Simply using the timeline worksheet you took notes on in class would negate the research aspect. Look for other dates and events beyond the timeline worksheet you took notes on.

Suggested web sites (for information and as examples; most do not include pictures):
Detailed Alaska history timeline. (Alaska Public Lands Information Centers)
Alaska Studies online history course website. Brief timeline; too short. Must with in conjunction with another resource.
Good timeline provided by the Fairbanks Arts Association

Rubric: Does your timeline have the following?
¨ 25 Dates and events present on your timeline
¨ Timeline is organized & divided into eras that are easily distinguishable
¨ Research-Evidence that dates and events utilized came from multiple sources, not just the timeline worksheet completed in class
¨ Creativity & neatness-Timeline is presentable & neat
¨ Captions are appropriate and typed
¨ Pictures/illustrations/images-15/25 of the dates and events plotted have pictures that best represent the event