Influential Person Paper Requirements

A person who has made a significant influence in the world in which they worked. Your research paper should give some background information on the person’s life, but ultimately you are explaining what significant influence this person had.

Your paper should be divided into 3 to 6 “sub-topics” so that your paper is easier to read and understand. When coming up with these subtopics, ask yourself, “What do I already know about this person? If I don’t know anything about this person, what would I want to know? If I were tying to understand this person and his or her contributions/influence, what are some things I would need to say in my paper?”

Assignment Grades and Tentative Due Dates (Subject to Change)
A. Source Check = 3-5 sources, one source needs to be a book (15 points) – Friday, March 25
B. Note Check = 20-30 (25 Points) – Friday, April 1
C. Outline check (25 Points) – April 5 or 7
D. Rough draft (25 Points) – April 13 or 14
E. Final Paper (150 Points) – April 22
1. Title Page
2. Outline
3. Body (4-6 typed pages, single-sided, 12-point font) The Title Page, Outline, and the Works Cited page do not count.
4. Works Cited Page - MLA format
TOTAL: 7-9 pages

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