Choose an issue that prevents social justice. Then, choose a proposed or working solution to that issue (an organization, a law, a program, a group, etc.). You will be determining in your paper whether or not the solution is effective. You are not coming up with your own solution to the problem. You are researching a solution that is already working or has been proposed.
Assignment Grades and Tentative Due Dates (Subject to Change)
A. Source Check = 3-5 sources (15 points) – February 8 or 9
B. Notes Check = 20-30 (25 Points) – February 14 or 15
C. Outline check (25 Points) – February 22 or 23
D. Rough draft (25 Points) – Friday, March 2
E. Final Paper (150 Points) – Friday, March 23
  1. Title Page
  2. Outline
  3. Body (4-6 typed pages)
  4. Works Cited Page
TOTAL: 7-9 pages

The following print series resources (books) in the Ready Reference Collection of East Library might prove particularly helpful for your research;

  • Taking Sides
  • Pro/Con
  • Library in a Book

Try the following databases and online resources as well. They are very helpful!

The online edition of World Book Encyclopedia should provide good background information for your topic.
The password is available in the library.


Use this icon to link to East Library's Opposing Viewpoints In Context.
The password is available in the library.

Use the Digital Pipeline to find online resources on your topic. Necessary passwords are available in the library.
When searching in a database...
• Under Resources For Students...
• Try High School > High School Ultra Edition (Click on Full Text)
• Try Reference Suite @ > Issues and Controversies

Works Cited

Don't forget to cite the resources you use!


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