Chilkoot Trail (basic historical information)
Chilkoot Trail (geography and topography)
Chilkoot Trail (supplies used)
Cold Weather Camping & Gear
Cold Weather Food (then and now if possible)
Cold Weather Rescue
Cold Weather Survival
Dawson City (during the gold rush)
Dog Mushing (Dog Sledding)
Dogs, Cold Weather (care, tips, protection)
Dogs, Husky Breed
Dogs, Working
Gold Panning/ Gold Sluicing
Gold Rush in Alaska
How to Start a Fire (using matches, twigs & bark not gasoline or kerosene)
Ice and Snow (weather)
Ice Safety
Jack London and His Writing
Klondike Gold Rush
Modern Day Gold Mining (also Value of Gold Today)
Movies About the Gold Rush
Northern Lights
Photography of the Gold Rush
Snowshoes (then & now)
Sourdoughs (miners and prospectors in Alaska)
Treasure Ships (Excelsior and Portland/ their routes from Seattle to the Klondike)
White Pass Trail (also called the Dead Horse Trail)
Women in the Gold Rush